Iraq has one of the most exciting international economies in the world; it serves as a center for present and future energy . To provide legal protocol for all administrative, economics and trading issues that naturally blends the principles of Islamic Law, Civil Law and Common Law, the College of Law in Tikrit University is the sole provider of legal education in Salah Al Din and Northern area in Iraq.
After being a department at the College of Management and Economics , College of Law (TUCOL) was established in 2000 as a separate college in Tikrit University exclusively devoted to professional education in law.
TUCOL provides a rigorous course of study, an engaging and exceptional faculty, and an active and diverse student body from Salah Al Din, Kirkuk, Baghdad, Al Anbar, Diyalah and Southern 2
With about 50 students in the entering class, the college is sizable enough to support an abundance of interests, aptitudes and talents. TUCOL provided Iraq community with more than 350 well-educated lawyers and officers employed in divers institutions and foundations.

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